Sunday, January 23, 2011

Studying Makes Me Hungry

Step-by-step to make a simple yet delicious snack

All you need is:

Cookies. I used the sugar cookies that I baked.

Chocolates. I chose one with the caramel inside (Double trouble....I know, right ?)

Marshmallows. Yummylicious (I totally love the word 'yummylicious'. Very cheeky).

Next step is to stack them up. You can put as many marshmallows and chocolates as you like (after I ate this I realized that I should have put 3 chocolates to make them even yummier). Or you can even stack the cookies double. Like a cookie sandwich.

The best part now is to put them in microwave. Set them high for 30 seconds.

And they turned out like this.

Seriously when I took this picture, my hands were shaking. I couldn't wait to eat it. Just look at the melted marshmallow ! The chocolates may seem like they are not melted but they ARE. Wait till you try them.

Breathe in and take the first bite. Ok I took two bites. Then only I took this picture.

Ok I was wrong when I said the best part is to put them in the microwave. The FIRST BITE is the bestest (like Rugrats would say) part.

I pressed down a bit the chocolate so you can see the melted caramel. What a joy.

Yummylicious + gooey marshmallow + sweet and warm caramel + So yummy-yummylicious (yes, it's so yummy it has to be pronounced twice)

So try them. Eat them. Make them again. And then eat them some more. And make them again double the amount you make them the second time. And enjoy every bite like it is the best snack you ever had.

Random facts about this entry:

1. I have exam tomorrow. So why am I writing this entry ? I was hungry after a while of studying. So I
     made myself a snack and thought of sharing it with you. Now that I'm full, I couldn't go straight away
   studying as it will make me feel very sleepy. So the conclusion is to write this entry (ALASAN !!!).

   Anyway, as a bright student I have fully prepared for my exam so I don't really need to focus 100%
   of studying the day before. (ALASAN LAGI !!! Bright student la sangat. Fully prepared la sangat)

2. Poyo je snap pictures of cookies banyak-banyak and a lot of marshmallows but ended up using just
    one cookie, two marshmallows and two chocolates.

3. Kantoi still tengok Rugrats.

4. Loving the word yummylicious is a prove that I'm gedik. No la I'm not (or am I ?).

5. I am thinking of making my own marshmallow. From scratch. Can't wait to try them out.

6. I really need to stop writing this entry and go back to study.

7. I can't stop typing.

8. I think I want to make myself another snack.

-Wish me luck for my exams. Have fun making your own snack-



Eireen Camelia said...

The coolest entry so far! Hahahahaha yummeyh doh! Especially when the choc melts hohemgee. And yeah, the number 3 fact is epic. Hahaha

Ili Naquiah said...

try ar weyh..sedap..hehehe..btw, i seriously nk try wt marshmallow sendiri..cant wait abes bz to make..heheh

rugrats teman ku semasa mau tidur..