Monday, November 26, 2012

Fashion Cookies

Totally forgot I have these pictures. Made for Jezmine (Old Blossom Box) and her team during the opening. The pastel pink and blue just like her new boutique.
The truth, I really miss decorating these fashion cookies. Can't remember the last time I made these shapes.



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Monday, November 19, 2012


Marble jelly.
Flavor : Sirap and sirap bandung.
Sounds so simple yet so delicious.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art Jelly

My favorite design of jelly so far.
Loving the layers and colors.
Just perfect for candy buffet or dessert at any kenduri / party.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Pretty Jelly

Mango flavored colorful jelly.

Cut this into half and heard all the 'oooohh' and 'aaaahh'.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brother's Birthday

Strawberry + blueberry jelly cake.
With cherries inside.


Can you see the cherries ? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nata de Coco Jelly

Jelly with Nata de coco inside.
I know many people who love to eat nata de coco.
But what more better way to combine jelly and nata de coco.
Just perfectly yummylicious.



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An awesome guy bought my cupcakes at the Old Blossom Box's opening.
He then liked my 'Sugar and Vanilla's page at facebook and told me how much he loved the cuppies. (Seriously Kak Ili teharu. Hee).
 He immediately ordered these cupcakes for his girlfriend's birthday the next day after the opening.
And I was so happy (still am) that both of them love these cupcakes.

Lychee Jelly

Lychee flavored jelly with lychee inside.
Super yummy.

The lychee inside.


Doesn't this rose design reminds you of what your mom used to make when you were small.
Found my mom's old rose mold. Had to give it a try.
It's quite big. Like a cake.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Friend in Town

Introducing Sugar & Vanilla's latest yummylicious.......JELLY !!!
My very first jelly.
Colorful rainbow jelly.

Why jelly ?
First of all, because it's fun and delicious to eat.
It's also suitable for vegetarians.
It's the new addition to the candy buffet. More choices for the kids (and also grown ups like me).
Very good for those on diet, no eggs, no flour, no butter. But still can enjoy eating the jelly dessert.
Will upload more creations of my jelly, InshaAllah :)
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Girls in Hijab Opening

Last Saturday was the opening of Girls in Hijab by Old Blossom Box Store.
Congratulations Jezmine...!!
For those who already came to her boutique, I'm sure you can agree with me that her shop is soooo gorgeous. With the set up and all. Just wonderful. So for those who hasn't been there yet, you should really find a time to go there :)
I'm planning to go there again as I already had my eyes on so many things (novelty top, crinkle shawl, and skirts. Lots of skirts. Geram).
Ok moving on. Being the typical me (easily get too excited or easily panicked), I forgot to bring my camera on that day. So just enjoy these captured-using-my-handphone-and-cousin's-handphone pictures.
The girl behind Sugar & Vanilla.
The cupcakes..!!

The moustache was really a hit. Too bad I only made 3 of that design.

From left : Chocolate cupcake, Rainbow vanilla cupcake,
Oreo cupcake, Marshamallow chocolate cupcake.

The opening ceremony.
Jezmine and her family.

Jezmine and I.
We were holding the cookies that were distributed to the first 100 girls.
Can't really see the cookies huh. 

The OBB's team. Two very lovely ladies.
Made the cookies for them.
With Ami...!!!
The fashion journalist / stylist. I just love to read her blog.

My cousin, Kak Awin. She came and shop both clothes and cupcakes.
Thanks Kak Awin, for your support.
Btw, she just featured in Hijabista magazine. Yeayy my cousin..!!!
My high school friend, Shiera.
Came and bought my cuppies.
It was fun meeting her after a long time. Hee.

My second cousin, Lala.
Yes she was one of the earliest to arrived at OBB.
And the first one who bought my cupcake :)
My beautiful bunnies.
I couldn't have done all of these without these two laughing machines (I called them this because they really can't stop laughing when they spend time with each other).
They had been 'teman' me in all of my bazaars and events.
I just can't thank them enough.
Love you two to bits.

Izzah, my bestcousin.
Eryn, my bestfriend.

Me behind the cupcake counter ;)

Yes, don't forget to say Bismillah before you eat the cupcakes.

Awesome props and cute cupcake topper from DearAzalea.

Later that day (or the day after) saw my goodies on Instagram...!!!
Beyond happy.

From Dani's. She is the one who did all the illustrations at the OBB shop.
She's very talented. Thinking of asking her to do mine wearing apron. Hee.

The beautiful Suri Aryani with my hijab cookie..!!
Her blog is one of the blogs that I just loveee to read.

Taken from Azrina's (Calaqisya) Instagram. Saw her caption and thinking how right she is.
"Even cupcakes wear hijab, what's your excuse". Loving it.

From Hentak Berlipat's Instagram.
Showed his caption to my family and my dad just laughed.

This was from Old Blossom Box's Instagram.
Jezmine captured and posted it right away before the opening.
I look really awkward holding the cookies, right ?

For those who got the 100 cookies, I really hope you liked it. And thank you sooo much to all that tried my cupcakes, brownies, and cookies. Got great feedbacks after the opening. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you for all your supports. Feel free to tag me at Instagram (@ilinaquiah) if you take any pictures with Sugar & Vanilla's goodies.