Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cute Little Girl

I have a cute niece (not really my niece. she's my cousin's daughter). She turned 4 last year. And her mom asked me to bake a cake for her.

And I did.


I just knew she loves pink. And butterflies are just too cute for little girls.

A picture of her with the cake.

Did I mention she has a cute little sister too ? Well, she has. Her name is Fazeera. They are both just darling.

The whole time while taking picture with the cake, Farisha said "nak butterfly, nak butterfly".
She couldn't wait to eat those butterflies.

As her birthday gift, I made cookies for her.

And of course for her sister as well. Don't want the little one to be jealous.

A random picture of them.

I feel like squeezing them. Ok I always do. But only because they are too cute. And I just adore them so much.


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