Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home

A house symbolizes as a happy place, loving family.
No better place than your own home.

It was my Mr.'s parents' birthday. He wanted me to make a cake that look like a house. As a symbol of a happy family. Awww so sweet. So of course I said yes to the idea as I never carve a cake. It was my first time. It's not really anything since I only had to carve the roof part.

Can't believe it took me 3 hours from carving to covering the cake and the board. (including 15 minutes break. Drinking sirap bandung). And another 2 hours for the details. I think I could have done better. But I did give my best into this. Really hope they like it.

My Mr. and his siblings are the greatest ever to make a surprise birthday for their parents. His sister, Leha came all the way from Langkawi to Shah Alam just for that. They're really sweet. =)

Taking this opportunity to wish a very happy birthday to my Mr.'s parents. Hope all of you love the cake that I made. It's an honour to decorate a cake for Pakcik and Makcik.

I'm going to the place where love
and feeling good don't ever cost a thing.
Well I'm going home,
back to the place where I belong,
and where your love has always been enough for me.

(A short part of Daughtry's song)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice-cream Crazy


Sometimes when the weather is so hot (or not nessecary), I'll be craving for one thing.................

                  ICE-CREAM !!!

I don't care if it's baskin robin or haagen dazs or cornetto or ice-cream potong or even RM1 ice-cream in a cone (like the pakcik who rides a motorbike near the playground selling ice-cream).

The images of  ice-creams will be flying around in my mind.

The thought of 'swirl strawberry flavored ice-cream with sprinkles' will just drive me crazy.

And the thought of 'double scope of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with the cherry on top' will make me cry to my mom and be all tantrum asking for an ice-cream.

Not to mention 'strawberry and vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge dripping on the ice cream with a little bit of sprinkles' will make me scream my heart out. Go insane by just thinking of it.

So go grab a sundae now. Or a banana split. Or just a scope in a cone. Or a cookie.

Are you with me?  Yeah lets eat some ice-cream....!!

Speaking of ice-cream. It reminds me of a song sang by Marykate and Ashley.
And that song reminds me of my cousins and I when we were little.We listened to it many times and we even danced to the song (Izzah sedih her dad baru buang all her You're Invited to Marykate and Ashley's collection. ) 

I have a confession to make. I still remember the dance and I just danced to this song like 5 minutes ago. (Ok pretend like you didn't read this line.)

They were so cute, right ?



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Free Time

Lately I couldn't sleep. Maybe because they are too many scary commercials on the television. I'm a coward and proud to be one. Only when it comes to scary movies or drama. =)
So to make me stop thinking of nonsense things like the scary movies, I read all the blogs that I love before I went to bed. I have the laptop next to me. Unhealthy. But that's the only way.

And today I feel like listing down the blogs / websites I love to read (as an excuse of not having any idea what to write anymore)

My inspirations :

-Bakerella (Every baker and cake decorator's idol)
-Anita Jamal (The best ever !!)
-Cookie Crazie (I wish I can decorate using glazed icing like her)
-Cakespy (Drawings + Recipes = Awesome)
-Haniela's (Just love everything about her blog)
-Mutlu Dukkan (She has the cutest designs in cookie decorations!!)
-Glorious Treats (Love to see her recipes)
-GeminiRJ and Sugar by Kim (Their flickr. But I love to see their creations. Totally cute)
-Cake Boss (Every Wednesday at 7pm I would be glued to the television watching his reality show. Love the drama. And oh, his cake creations too.)

My cupcakes :

-Amalyna (My cousin. She's into photography. Love her talent. Digital and lomography !! Did a photoshoot with her once. Will upload later)
-Eireen (My bestfriend. But lately she's so lazy to update her blog)
-Kak Farah (My other cousin. She's a photographer. An awesome one. Totally gempak. *hint hint* =) And now she updates her blog with cartoons that she did herself. Too cute I tell you. TOO CUTE)
-Kak Mar (My other cousin too)

Pretty ladies :
(Love to see pretty ladies wearing hijab with sense of fashion. Just like me.......The 'wearing hijab' part, not the 'pretty ladies' part.)

-Maria Elena
-Fatin Liyana
-Fatin Suhana
-Stylish Muslimah
-Adriani A
-Shahirah Elaiza
-Nazneen Najib

Photography blog :
 (I'm kind of into photography even though I only own a G9 Canon camera. Good enough la)

-Annas Easkey (In future, I will definitely want to do a photoshoot with him. For my cake thingy. Not me. I'm not a model. Hire other models to snap-snap with my cakes ! Ok berangan.)
-Aimanness Photography (Totally love her portrait shots.)
-My mr. (heeeeee.)

Others :

-Wedding Station (Wedding planner)
-Old Blossom Box (Waiting for Malyn to go to this shop together. Even though it's like 10 minutes from my home, but I love shopping with my cousins.)
-Arefen Zaidin
-Hanis Zalikha (Influenced by Eryn)
-Fashion Shawls
-Happyslip (Love her videos)

Now I'm looking for more interesting blogs to read. And I'm really obsessed to search blogs that sell hijabs / shawls. The shopaholic side of me is controlling me now !!!

By listing all these feels like I'm turning this blog into my personal blog. No no no. Still a cake decoration blog. I just got bored after full day of baking.
Tomorrow I have cookies to decorate. And the next day, cupcakes to decorate. And a week from now, 500 cupcakes to bake and decorate !! A crazy month.

Sometimes when I'm really scared, I switch on to disney channel to help me to go to sleep.
 (The only channel that don't have scary commercials.)
I'm really honest.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Smile Makes Me Want To Eat You


Do you often use emoticons or smileys?


Writing on your friends' wall


Chatting on YM or MSN




Everywhere you'll see

...........: )

........................; )

.................              ...... .; D

.............: P
.........................................8 )

..............................B )

But have you ever wonder how they would taste like ?


hmm.. Just think about it

Would you ?


It's amazing how the smileys can stay smiling after being eaten.


Friday, March 4, 2011



"Here you go boboy"

*gulp gulp*

*gulp gulp*



This entry is inspired by this little cute-adorable-hugable-squeezable-gemuk-100% kissable-tembam-comel baby boy.

Emran drinks milk like every half an hour. That explains the cheeks.

Btw, he's a baby brother to Farisha and Fazeera.


Thank you Kak Dina for putting link of my page at your blog.
Btw, dah lama tak jumpa Aqeef. Saw his pictures at the blog, sangat handsome !!
Next time boleh pinjam that cute boy untuk photoshoot =)