Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have a keek account. So I tried to make a video of me decorating the cakes.
My first try was with this buttercream ruffles.
Right hand recording, left hand piping. Not easy.
Conclusion : Malas nak record dah.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Desserts

Garden / spring themed cupcakes.
Inside is rainbow cake.
Ordered by Aunty Juliana for her daughter's birthday.
The cake was supposed to have a rainbow decoration standing vertically on the cake.
But when I took the picture, the rainbow wasn't really dry yet, so I was afraid to put it.
As well as for the grass on top of the cake, yea I know it's kind of bare.
I actually put small blossom flowers on that like the cupcakes below,
but then again, only after I took the pictures.
Loving every moment making this cake.
It was just so fun and colourful.
My family loved it as well.
But more importantly, Aunty Juliana said that her family loved it too.
Made different flowers all around.
That explains the pictures of all angles.
And also explains the white thingy below the cake. (Turn table)

(kat belakang pun nak design cantik-cantik sebab theme ni memang sangat comel)

The cookies

Sarah is 6
The cupcakes


Each one with a cute lil ladybird.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Reasons Why

Sugar & Vanilla Q & A
Q : Can I have your phone no. so that I can call you ?
A : Of course you can have my phone no. But I just prefer if we discuss about the orders through email / private message at facebook / whatsapp. It's easier for me to refer back on the details later on. And also it's not easy for me to quote the price immediately when you ask through phone calls. I need to check back with the list of prices and all.

Q : Do you do delivery ?
A : Yes, I do now. But only in Klang Valley area. Charges are depending on the locations. You can still pick up at my house if you want to.

Q : I need the cake by this weekend.
A : May I know the exact date and time of pick up. I need to know by when the desserts need to be ready for you to pick up. The date and time for you to eat/use the goodies and different than the date and time for the pick up. And I only need to know the exact date for you to come to my house.

Q : Why don't you sell red velvet at bazaar ?
A : Red velvet goes so well with cream cheese. And cream cheese is a big NO NO for our hot weather / humidity. It can only last 3 hours outside the refrigerator. I'm just afraid it will upset your tummy. Especially most bazaars that I joined were just so hot. This same goes to fresh cream. Big NO NO.

Q : How many kilograms is the cake ?
A : I don't go by kilograms, but I go by inches. Since most of my cakes are decorated, more important for me is to know the size of the cake instead of the weigh. For, example - A cake for a hantaran is measured by the size of the cake so that it can fit perfectly on the dulang hantaran.

Q : Can I order a full fondant red velvet cake ?
A : It is not advisable for a red velvet cake to be decorated with fondant. Or even heavy decoration of buttercream as the cake is very moist. It might not hold up the decorations. Same goes to moist chocolate cake.

Q : When should I make the final confirmation ?
A : As soon as possible, please. Do make your payment within the time frame given, otherwise I'll let go your slot to other people. I'm working alone on this so the orders that I can accept is limited. But of course, after the expiry time for payment, usually I'll check back with you. With valid reasons, I don't mind the late payment. But do update me by email / sms.

Q : I've already made the payment. Please check your bank account.
A : But I need the proof of payment with details. Different bank, different time for the payment to transfer to my account. Even if I check, the payment might not be transferred yet. So I really need the proof of payment otherwise the order is cancel.

Q : What time can I pick up the desserts ?
A : From 7 am to 9 pm only. I'm still living with my parents. So I prefer if you can pick up the goodies before 9 pm. It's a way of me respecting them. Maybe if one day I live in my own house, I totally don't mind for you to come at 12 am to pick up the goodies. Or lets just pray that I will soon have my own shop. Heeeee.

Q : "I'm already in front of your house."
A : "Hold on, I need to wear my hijab first." If you can let me know that you're coming in another 10 minutes, that would be great. At least I have the time to wear my jubbah and hijab. But it's not a big deal if you just show up at my house, it's just that I'll feel guilty that you have to wait 3 minutes for me to get ready.

Q : Do you do advertising ?
A : Say whaaat? I'm not famous. I think I'm the one who needs to pay to advertise my cakes. But I'm flattered that few of you already asked me this. I just feel that I'm not there yet. Maybe one day or maybe never.

Q : Kakak or adik ?
A : I know I may look older than my age (so sad). But I'll be 24 this year (2013). So if you were not sure to call me kakak or adik, now you know.

Do email me at for any enquiry. I will try my best to reply as soon as possible within 24 hours. I'm really sorry if I can't reply immediately. And I prefer for you to email or private message me on facebook rather than asking at comment sections on instagram and facebook. Do email me even for just a question :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Again with Ruffles

Help..!! I can't stop doing ruffles designs.
Ok but I'm loving ruffles.
This is a hantaran cake.
Ordered by my friend, Leha for her cousin's nikah.
The top of the cake is bare (in the picture) because that's where I wrote "Selamat Pengantin Baru".
But I took the picture before I piped it just because.
And thought of to take another picture after the piping.
But of course I totally forgot since I finished the cake totally last minute.
Leha arrived my house 5 minutes after I finished piping.
Loving the ruffles.
Yes I said it again.
Love the concept that I made the ruffles for the cake borders.
Leha said she trusts me on the design.
Hee hope everyone likes it.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Safari Cake

Safari themed cake.
Ordered by the famous blogger Shea Rasol for her sister's birthday.
The cake.
The letterings and stars are dusted with edible gold glitters.

The zebra print base.
It's just fun to see the leopard print goes so well next to the zebra print.

The ribbon fondant.

The cake inside was an ombre pink stacked cake.
Do check out Shea's blog for the picture of the vanilla cake inside..!!

Happy belated birthday, Iqa..!!
We met once at the OBB Prelove Party.
I remember you bought my jelly and cupcakes.
Yeay..!! Hope you love your birthday cake.
You have such a lovely sister that surprised you with this :)
And thank you so much Shea for ordering this.
It was fun to make as the theme is not what I've done before.
Love that I got the chance to explore new designs.
It was nice meeting you and hope to see you again.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mixed Designs Cake

2 tier oreo wedding Cake.
For a friend of mine.
Two weeks before she ordered the hantaran cake.
And this one was for the wedding ceremony at her husband's side.
My idea was to do mixed designs.
Made modern square designs for the background. More like architectural designs.
For the flowers I chose the in thing ruffles design with pearl buds.
And put a little bit of classic, which is the leaves.

Often I see the bride and groom will cut at the back of the cake.
But to put another set of decoration there is not really necessary.
Since the cake will not move from the cutting table on the stage or beside the 'meja pengantin'.
And plus the cost will definitely be more.
(But if you want the design to be all around, do let me know.)
So instead of leaving it bare, I just put a small ribbon at the back.

Do e-mail at