Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Flowers

Got my Mr.'s SLR camera. So I had a little fun with it.

For those who know me very well would know that I hate flowers. But I just love Gebera/Daisy. So I did a little shopping and got myself some Daisies and also Roses for Mama. (first time masuk kedai bunga sorang-sorang without Mama. Sangat proud dengan kebolehan sendiri)

Looking at these flowers just made me grateful and amazed of God's creation. Made me appreciate even to the very little thing in the world. Tears to see such beauty.

And like I said, I had my Mr's SLR. So I got a chance to take pictures of my cookies using professional's camera. (dah alang-alang pinjam)

I wish to walk right up to Abah and say "nak camera SLR, early birthday present".
And I know well enough what would the answer be "work hard, study hard, make a lot of money and then beli sendiri".
Typical me "alaaaa".

But seriously it was fun to snap pictures using SLR (dah mahal mesti la best). So I literally do have to work hard, study hard, make a lot of money and then buy my own (normal la kan). *sigh*

I don't know anything about camera. Just set to 'auto' and straight away snap. Easy like that la.

Thanks to my Mr. for lending me his SLR. 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bad News and Good News

Bad news first.

Just to let you know that my schedule is fully booked from now till middle of March (20/3/2011 to be exact). I'll be very super duper busy with all the cookies, cakes, and cupcakes I have to make and decorate.
So I have to stop taking orders for now. : (  

I really hate to disappoint my customers. And really hate to say 'no' to orders. Unfortunately that's what I have to do at this moment.

Like my brother said "overcapacity la awak ni". And I was like "heh".

But any questions or any quotations you need to know, I'll be very happy to response. Just send me an e-mail to . I promise to reply to you as soon as possible.

And now for the good news.

I now have a twitter !! yeayyy... (baru sekarang nak buat)

Follow me at my tweet-tweet . Hope we can twitter each other and I can get to know more about you wonderful people !



Sunday, January 23, 2011

Studying Makes Me Hungry

Step-by-step to make a simple yet delicious snack

All you need is:

Cookies. I used the sugar cookies that I baked.

Chocolates. I chose one with the caramel inside (Double trouble....I know, right ?)

Marshmallows. Yummylicious (I totally love the word 'yummylicious'. Very cheeky).

Next step is to stack them up. You can put as many marshmallows and chocolates as you like (after I ate this I realized that I should have put 3 chocolates to make them even yummier). Or you can even stack the cookies double. Like a cookie sandwich.

The best part now is to put them in microwave. Set them high for 30 seconds.

And they turned out like this.

Seriously when I took this picture, my hands were shaking. I couldn't wait to eat it. Just look at the melted marshmallow ! The chocolates may seem like they are not melted but they ARE. Wait till you try them.

Breathe in and take the first bite. Ok I took two bites. Then only I took this picture.

Ok I was wrong when I said the best part is to put them in the microwave. The FIRST BITE is the bestest (like Rugrats would say) part.

I pressed down a bit the chocolate so you can see the melted caramel. What a joy.

Yummylicious + gooey marshmallow + sweet and warm caramel + So yummy-yummylicious (yes, it's so yummy it has to be pronounced twice)

So try them. Eat them. Make them again. And then eat them some more. And make them again double the amount you make them the second time. And enjoy every bite like it is the best snack you ever had.

Random facts about this entry:

1. I have exam tomorrow. So why am I writing this entry ? I was hungry after a while of studying. So I
     made myself a snack and thought of sharing it with you. Now that I'm full, I couldn't go straight away
   studying as it will make me feel very sleepy. So the conclusion is to write this entry (ALASAN !!!).

   Anyway, as a bright student I have fully prepared for my exam so I don't really need to focus 100%
   of studying the day before. (ALASAN LAGI !!! Bright student la sangat. Fully prepared la sangat)

2. Poyo je snap pictures of cookies banyak-banyak and a lot of marshmallows but ended up using just
    one cookie, two marshmallows and two chocolates.

3. Kantoi still tengok Rugrats.

4. Loving the word yummylicious is a prove that I'm gedik. No la I'm not (or am I ?).

5. I am thinking of making my own marshmallow. From scratch. Can't wait to try them out.

6. I really need to stop writing this entry and go back to study.

7. I can't stop typing.

8. I think I want to make myself another snack.

-Wish me luck for my exams. Have fun making your own snack-


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ice-cream But Cookies

I got a last minute order from a very lovely kakak. Usually I won't take last minute order but since she said some nice things about my cookies, I just couldn't resist.

  "Akak pernah rasa your cookies (wedding's doorgift). Sedap, akak suke...
      Akak nak order cookies with ice-cream shape tu (saw it in ur flickr, so cute la dear)."

My heart just melted when I read it (ok you may think I exaggerate, but it means the world to me to hear other people say wonderful things about my cookies, cake etc.).

I'm wondering what "chaiyo'" means ?

.Thank you, Kak Hazrina !!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful but a lonely girl.

Then came along a handsome young man.

He offered the girl his love and promised to take care of her.

And they lived happily ever after

-The End-

Let me save your time by saying "the girl got ugly hair laaa".


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Waiting

Waiting for you

To look at me

To adore me

To tell me I'm pretty

To take me with you

To want me more

I'm waiting for you.........


Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Makcik !

It was my makcik's birthday. Ok no. It was my friend's birthday.

On 5th January 2011 she turned 20. Awww no longer a teen.

So I made her a birthday cake. Cupcakes actually.

                   SURPRISE !!!

The curious look

                                                                The I-can't-wait look

The O-M-G look

                                                           The excited look

     The happy look

 Picture of her with the cupcakes

                                         Ok now she's pretending to be a model....hehehe joking.


                                                     Extra cupcake with extra flowers.

Happy Birthday again EireenCamelia ! You are now old. : )
May your life full of happiness. Thanks for everything. And more and more.
 (tak reti la nak mushy-mushy with you)
And the most important thing....May you find the perfect man that can make you feel special and happy.

luv ya. xoxo.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Now I Can Breathe Again

I did 700 cookies for a wedding as the door gift. I repeat.......700 COOKIES !!

My mom helped me with the baking and I did the decorating. Thanks Mama.

Finished them last night.

 Exhausted, happy, mad, excited..All the feelings at the same time while doing the cookies.

But it was all worth it.

Anyway, these cookies are for a wedding for a very pretty bride. I've known her when I was 10. And now she's married !

Congratulations Sha ! Wish you a happiness and may your future be wonderful.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Love You

The title has nothing to do with the picture below.

Inspired by Sakura Flower

Cute Little Girl

I have a cute niece (not really my niece. she's my cousin's daughter). She turned 4 last year. And her mom asked me to bake a cake for her.

And I did.


I just knew she loves pink. And butterflies are just too cute for little girls.

A picture of her with the cake.

Did I mention she has a cute little sister too ? Well, she has. Her name is Fazeera. They are both just darling.

The whole time while taking picture with the cake, Farisha said "nak butterfly, nak butterfly".
She couldn't wait to eat those butterflies.

As her birthday gift, I made cookies for her.

And of course for her sister as well. Don't want the little one to be jealous.

A random picture of them.

I feel like squeezing them. Ok I always do. But only because they are too cute. And I just adore them so much.