Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Makcik !

It was my makcik's birthday. Ok no. It was my friend's birthday.

On 5th January 2011 she turned 20. Awww no longer a teen.

So I made her a birthday cake. Cupcakes actually.

                   SURPRISE !!!

The curious look

                                                                The I-can't-wait look

The O-M-G look

                                                           The excited look

     The happy look

 Picture of her with the cupcakes

                                         Ok now she's pretending to be a model....hehehe joking.


                                                     Extra cupcake with extra flowers.

Happy Birthday again EireenCamelia ! You are now old. : )
May your life full of happiness. Thanks for everything. And more and more.
 (tak reti la nak mushy-mushy with you)
And the most important thing....May you find the perfect man that can make you feel special and happy.

luv ya. xoxo.



Eireen Camelia said...

its me! its me the entry is for meeeee! awwww thankyouuuuu! :D

psssst, love the wish at the end of the post tehehehe. amin!

PrettySugar said...

yes2...lets pray together..amin..!! hahahah