Monday, January 3, 2011

Now I Can Breathe Again

I did 700 cookies for a wedding as the door gift. I repeat.......700 COOKIES !!

My mom helped me with the baking and I did the decorating. Thanks Mama.

Finished them last night.

 Exhausted, happy, mad, excited..All the feelings at the same time while doing the cookies.

But it was all worth it.

Anyway, these cookies are for a wedding for a very pretty bride. I've known her when I was 10. And now she's married !

Congratulations Sha ! Wish you a happiness and may your future be wonderful.



Eireen Camelia said...

Awwww loving those! 700 cookies memang madness! hahaha congrats yo! :D

PrettySugar said...

hahah thanks la sebab tolong tampal sticker...hikhik..