Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Flowers

Got my Mr.'s SLR camera. So I had a little fun with it.

For those who know me very well would know that I hate flowers. But I just love Gebera/Daisy. So I did a little shopping and got myself some Daisies and also Roses for Mama. (first time masuk kedai bunga sorang-sorang without Mama. Sangat proud dengan kebolehan sendiri)

Looking at these flowers just made me grateful and amazed of God's creation. Made me appreciate even to the very little thing in the world. Tears to see such beauty.

And like I said, I had my Mr's SLR. So I got a chance to take pictures of my cookies using professional's camera. (dah alang-alang pinjam)

I wish to walk right up to Abah and say "nak camera SLR, early birthday present".
And I know well enough what would the answer be "work hard, study hard, make a lot of money and then beli sendiri".
Typical me "alaaaa".

But seriously it was fun to snap pictures using SLR (dah mahal mesti la best). So I literally do have to work hard, study hard, make a lot of money and then buy my own (normal la kan). *sigh*

I don't know anything about camera. Just set to 'auto' and straight away snap. Easy like that la.

Thanks to my Mr. for lending me his SLR. 



Anonymous said...

Waa lawaaa :o

Ili Naquiah said...

hikhik...thank u...!!!