How to Order ?

1. Send an e-mail to or send a private message at Sugar & Vanilla's  
      facebook page. Will reply as soon as possible within 24 hours, InsyaAllah.
    - Do provide all the information about your items. Refer to order form as what information are
    - As the designs are all customized, I will quote first the price.
    - Please stated clearly about the pick up date and time. Not the date you want to use / eat the
      goodies. (as I had some miscommunications before)
    - Advice : make sure you order at least a week or two before for small orders. And a month or two 
      for big orders. (I'm the baker, the decorator, the one who's making everything from A to Z). So
      book earlier just to save your date. The earlier the better.
    - Any last minute orders (5 days before pick up date) will be charged extra 20% of the price. But
      still due to availability.
    - Feel free to google any designs you like for me to make. However, I may not do exactly as the
      design you'll choose as each design has its own copyright. But promise to make the best I can.

2. Once everything is confirmed, payment must be made within 48 hours to my CIMB or 
      Maybank account as to block your date.
    - Full payment for goodies below RM 500.
    - 50% payment for goodies above RM 500. Balance must be paid 3 days before the pick up date.
    - If you make your order 3 days before, payment must be made within 12 hours.
    - Do attach a prove of payment. Fail to do so, the orders will be cancelled.
    - Once everything has been made, please do not simply change the date of the pick up as I already
       scheduled the making of the goodies according to the agreed pick up date.