Flavours for Decorated Cakes

Vanilla butter cake
Vanilla with chocolate chips / white chocolate chips / peanut butter chips / butterscotch chips.
Choose one, two or all.
The total amount of the chips will be the same either if choose only one type or all.


Fruit cake

Chocolate butter cake (not moist)
Coloured vanilla cake.
Choose any colour.

Different shades for one colour. Choose any colour.

Stacked colour cake.
Choose two, three or up to six colours.
But do provide the exact colours and arrangement.
Checkered vanilla and chocolate.

Checkered cake.
Choose two colours.
Vanilla and chocolate marble cake.

Marble coloured cake.
Choose two or more.
Or even rainbow marble.


Decorated Cupcakes
-Vanilla with chips

Decorated Cookies
At the moment we only provide vanilla flavoured sugar cookies.
-Syrup ros
-Blueberry (if available)

 Continental Cakes (Non Decorated Cakes)

Note :
-All cakes are baked using the best quality of ingredients. Yummylicious guaranteed..!!
-Some of these cakes are not suitable to be decorated with fondant or heavy buttercream.
-All sizes are fixed for each cake. Unless stated otherwise
-Payment has to be made before the pick up date. COD is also acceptable for only non decorated cakes. However, anyone who already ordered without payment in advance, and suddenly cancel the order, will be blacklisted.
Brookies = Brownies + Cookies
Taste like chocolate chip cookies, texture like brownies.
Almost everyone's favorite.
Topped with chocolate ganache.

Chocolatey and chewy.
Using best dark and milk chocolate.
Topped with chocolate ganache.

Rainbow Cake
Layered with vanilla buttercream icing.
Moist Chocolate Cake
Layered with yummy chocolate fudge.
A cake that I grew up with.
Red Velvet
2 layers of very moist velvety cake.


Sugee Cake
My Mama's very famous sugee cake.
A must-try cake.
So good that you don't need any topping.


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