Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ice-cream But Cookies

I got a last minute order from a very lovely kakak. Usually I won't take last minute order but since she said some nice things about my cookies, I just couldn't resist.

  "Akak pernah rasa your cookies (wedding's doorgift). Sedap, akak suke...
      Akak nak order cookies with ice-cream shape tu (saw it in ur flickr, so cute la dear)."

My heart just melted when I read it (ok you may think I exaggerate, but it means the world to me to hear other people say wonderful things about my cookies, cake etc.).

I'm wondering what "chaiyo'" means ?

.Thank you, Kak Hazrina !!


amalyna_teja said...

awwww, congrats honey!!!
ur cookie empire is kickin off =)

Ili Naquiah said...

hee..thanks dear..!!
love your support..