Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crush The Candies

Theme : Candy Crush game
Cake flavour : Lemon butter cake
Size : 9 inch
Ordered by : Ayesha Shahira for her mother's birthday
Candy Crush Master.
Too cute..!!

Just a touch of edible gold at the score bar.

Side view.
Made the base looks as if it's the chocolate bar.

Any candy crush masters here? I don't play candy crush but I just looove to make this cake. So colourful and cheerful. Like real candies. Yumms.
The picture that I got the most 'likes' on @sugarandvanilla instagram. That shows Candy Crush has many fans. I don't dare to start playing this game as I can see that it's very addictive, right?  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do Not Accept

Being a cake decorator doesn't mean I can do all designs as I only started to decorate about 3 years ago. I know some of you had already asked me to do certain designs, and I rejected the order. Simply because I'm afraid of not giving you a great cake. I prefer to be honest and reject the order, rather than I accept and give you an ugly looking cake :p
My expertise is not on cake carving, fondant figure that looks exactly like a person, and sugar flowers. Maybe I can just make the simple ones.
I am slowly learning to be better. InsyaAllah, will learn more on sugar flowers, will practice more on making fondant figurines and cake carving.
However, there are some designs that I can make but I just refuse to. This theme covers almost all the designs which is 'naughty and sexy' theme. I won't make any design base on this theme. I'm really sorry as some had already asked me to do this design. But I had no choice but to reject even if I had the time to do and even if the designs are easy to make. I have already consulted with my family and they too advised me not to accept these kind of orders.
Another design that I will reject is any harsh/rude words to be put on the cake. Definitely no swearing. No one has asked me yet. But I've seen cakes on the internet with bad words written on it.
So I'm just going to make it clear before anyone wants to order these kind of words on the cakes.
I know it may be a joke and just for the fun of it, but still I won't accept naughty/sexy theme or if the message on the cake has a bad word in it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Theme : Superheroes
Cupcake flavour : Chocolate and Oreo
Size : 4oz. (20 cups)
Ordered by : Alia Radzi for her husband's birthday

Captain America


The Avengers

The Hulk

Wonder Woman



The Green Lantern




Fantastic Four

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cupcakes For Boys?

It's very frustrating that I can't find a single baby boy's romper with a cupcake design on it. Cupcakes, cakes, lollipop designs are only on baby girl's rompers? Why? Men eat cupcakes too. Especially little boys. So why can't a clothing line design a romper with a cupcake on it. Make it manly colours. Black, blue, brown.
Hehehe this is just from a frustrated aunt who wants to buy a romper with a cute cupcake on it for her nephew. I'm very sure that there must be at least a brand with this design, but I just couldn't find it anywhere. Not sure where to do custom made for a baby romper.
So I did what I do best. Decorate a cupcake design on a baby romper and t-shirt shaped cookies. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PMR Candidate

Theme : Owl and books
Cake flavour : Vanilla with butterscotch chips
Cake size : 6 x 8 inch (big book) 4 x 6 inch
Ordered by : Aunty Juliana for her daughter's birthday. 
A birthday cake for a 15 year old.
Her birthday was on the first day of PMR (if I'm not mistaken).


The sleepy owl wearing graduation hat.
Maybe can't really see the hat in this picture.
Scroll below to see top view of the cake.


Two books - Sejarah and Kemahiran Hidup.
A sleepy owl with graduation hat.
An apple with worm (book worm).
A note.
Mathematical symbols.


Thank you so much Aunty Jualiana for ordering this cake for your daughter. Hope she did well on her PMR.
Love that I got a chance to try this design. Thank you for your trust. Had sooo much fun making this cake with all the cute decorations.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Charms

I made these cupcakes for my birthday. (3rd August, yea I know it's like 3 months ago)
I have a charm bracelet and so I decorated the cupcakes based on that.
I didn't do exactly like the charms. Same thing but not the same colour since most of the charms are silver. But still lots of red.


Teddy bear
(The charm actually in silver, but it will look so dull if I make it in silver)


(The charm is actually a butterfly. But it represents my first business logo, hence the cupcake in the middle)


(It's supposed to be a full body doll, but I think it's cuter this way)

The no. 21




Love / Heart shape
(It's actually diamonds, but I love red so......)

I explained the meaning of charms at my other blog. Because I just prefer to 'bebel' there more.
If anyone wants to order cupcakes / cake / cookies based on your charm bracelet, do give me pictures of the bracelet. I can even do the bracelet chain. I didn't do the chain for mine as I didn't have much free time.
I really loooove to do different themes/designs in one box of cupcakes. Like that day someone ordered a box of cupcakes with dota logo, cute cat, balloons, etc (Will update the pictures later). The designs can be super contrast but they're meaningful.