Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Love

Happy birthday, boyfriend !
Love you always. 

Happy birthday, Abdul Rahman !! 

You turned 22 on 2nd December 2011.
You're just as old as I am now.

This is one of his lives. 
Since he majors in Multimedia, a computer is a symbol of that.
And also that he spends most of the time playing games on the computer.

Can you guess what this is ?
A bowl of cendol !!
His all-time favorite food.
Can't live without.

A rugby player.
One of the reasons why I fell in love with him when we were 15 year old.

We both just love ice-cream.
Especially ice-cream RM1-in-a-cone-from-pakcik-bawa-motor.

He's a Manchester United fan.
Go Man U Go !!!
I only support them because he supports them.


Lomo camera


He has a huge passion in photography and filming. 
Both DSLR and Lomography. 
And he's very very good at editing. I'm so proud of him.
(sorry if both cameras don't look like camera)

He bought me a huge teddy bear for my birthday this year.
And I gave him one too for his birthday this year.

He gave me a charm for my bracelet. 
And it's a teddy bear with a heart shape in the middle.
Just like this.

I don't think I need to explain what this means.
Ok I will.
I love him deeply.

I hope he really loves my gift to him.

On his birthday I did something silly but fun. 
I pasted post-it note all over in my car with sweet messages.
So when he entered the car, he was surprised and speechless.

Cheesy much ?
Cheap much ?
I don't care as long as he was happy.
By the way, the notes above are less than half of what I did. There were more.
Maybe it's not much effort I put in, but I did the best I can to make a surprise birthday for him.
And all that was priceless.

I'm Sorry

Dear Lovelies,

I'm really sorry for not updating my blog that often like how I used to. I've been very busy with classes.

And a huge apology to those who sent me e-mail regarding orders. There's too many reasons that I can't reply or accept the orders.
First, my Wi-fi has been really bad. Can't even open my e-mail and blog. And it will be hard for me to check your payment via online. I'm really surprise that today the connection is rather good. That's why I'm taking the chance to update this blog especially this entry.
Second is that, my kitchen is having a renovation. I struggled to make cakes and cupcakes for my family and friends in that condition. Let alone to take any orders from my lovely customers.

I'll definitely let you all know when I'm back in business. Thank you for supporting me and viewing this blog.

Ili Naquiah 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birthday Cupcakes

Happy birthday Kak Jiha !!!
Hope you love the
 last-minute-order-from-my-brother-I-could-just-kill-him-but-didn't-have-the-heart-to-say-no-to-him cupcakes.
See how long I gave the name for the cupcakes.

Moving on.

So it's more like a happy belated birthday wish.
It's Saturday now and her birthday was on Wednesday.
Yes, her birthday this year falls on Deepavali.
Which I'm still craving for ladoo.
Can anyone tell me where can I order ladoo around Shah Alam or Subang area ?
Every Deepavali I would crave for ladoo.
But don't know where to buy.

just want to wish Kak Jiha a very happy belated birthday.
Wishing your life be filled with happiness and joy.
Really hope you love the cuppies.
May Allah bless you always.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hantaran Cookies

Cookies for hantaran for a neighbour of mine.
A very last minute order. And I really do mean last minute. ;P
I tried to do my best. Hope everyone loved it.

Sugar cookies with variety of shapes and designs, full decorated with fondant and edible glitter.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Message to All Girls in the World

You're perfect just the way you are.
People will always judge you no matter what.
Just keep your head up.
And be confident.....always.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Would You Like To Join My Tea Party ?

Welcome to my tea party. Come and sit next to me and enjoy the tea and scrumptious favours.

Let me pour you a cup of tea.
 Sugar or milk ? Or maybe a squeeze of lemon.
Pinkie up !

Would you like a sandwich to go along with that tea ?
The bread is homemade.

Care for a piece of my mother's famous moist chocolate cake ?
Layered with ganache and buttercream.

Would you like to have some cupcakes instead ?
It's the yummylicious red velvet with cream cheese on top.

You can't have a tea party without a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Roses are my favorite. 

Thank you lovelies for coming to my tea party. I had a wonderful time.
We should do this again sometimes.
Or maybe next, we can have a barbecue party.
See you soon.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rainbow cake

My another version of rainbow cake.
The other version, I already posted the picture before (the third picture).
And this was the first time I did the ruffle cake.
Ok I guess.

Picture below was captured by my cousin, Izzah.
Using her Ipad2 or BB (not sure. forgot to ask)
Lovely isn't it ?


And again, you can send picture of the goodies you ordered.
Whether a picture of your daugther eating my cupcake.
Or a model-like picture of you with my cake.
Or even a picture of you and your friends chilling out and eating my cookies.
Or just a simple picture of a slice of cake on your plate.
Using any type of camera.
Just send it to me at
I would love to publish them here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday Cupcake Cookies


For a birthday party. Ordered by my sister's colleague for her two daughters. These were to be put in the party packs (if I'm not mistaken). Love the theme color ! Pink and green apple. Totally love the combo.

 Hope all of you enjoy the cookies ! Thank you so much. ;)