Saturday, March 23, 2013


Rough textured buttercream with ruffles design.
But which one do you prefer, the first one or the second one ?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dota 2 (Part 2)

Dota 2 cookies.
Logo and some weapons.
Dota 2 logo

Demon Claive
Hero : Sven

Blade of the Crimson Cut-Throat
Hero : Bounty Hunter

Little Blink Dagger
Hero : Axe

(Accidently took the picture of the cookie upside down)
War Blades Pack
Hero : Bloodseeker

Battle Fury

The Killstealer
Hero : Sniper

The Commodore's Kraken Slayer
Hero : Kunkka

Cleaver of the Hidden Hunter
Hero : Bounty Hunter

Manta Style

Slayer-Sword of Sir Davion
Hero : Dragon Knight

Red Talon Axes
Hero : Beastmaster


Correct me if I'm wrong. With the weapons' names and heroes. Got them from my other half, google and Dota 2 website....Ahhh the website, it's like another world in there. With all heroes and weapons. I was just amazed.
All this while I just heard about a game named Dota. But never imagine how the game really is. Huhu guess I'm not a big fan of games. To me, Plant vs. Zombies is challenging enough.
But anyway, had an awesome time doing reasearch and decorating with fondant for Dota 2 theme. Both cookies and cakes. A very interesting theme. Thanks Ika, for giving me the opportunity to try something different besides ruffles and teddy bears :P   And also for choosing me as your baker for your husband's birthday. Really appreciate it. Super happy. Wishing you all the best with Radiusite and Dreemika..!! 


Dota 2 (Part 1)

Dota 2 cake
Full fondant 8-inch brookies.
Few weapons around the cake.
Ordered by Ika (Radiusite) for her husband's birthday.

Bloodletters Pack
Hero : Bloodseeker

Master's Assassin's Grim Cutter
Hero : Bounty Hunter

Royal Daggers of the Tahlin Watch
Hero : Riki

Thanks Ika.
Really hope everyone enjoyed the cake and cookies...!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

As promised on Sugar and Vanilla's facebook page, I am bringing something awesome this March.
So awesome that I actually already posted THE entry but too busy to write this entry to tell about THE entry. Pening?

Ok straight to the point. I am now selling cakes. I mean non decorated cakes. Or continental cakes. The page with list of cakes is at the top of this blog. Below the header. Written as Menu (Non Decorated Cakes). With prices stated at each cake.

Some cakes are my Mama's recipe. Cakes that I grew up with. And I only use best quality of ingredients.That shows how special and yummylicious they are.

Few of the cakes are not suitable to be decorated with fondant or heavy buttercream. Each cake is topped with buttercream, cream cheese, ganache etc. They are different than the type of buttercream that I used for decorations. Feel free to email me for any enquiry.

More cakes coming soon. And definitely will update the pictures from time to time. I only had a few at the moment. Sorry about that :)


Do email me at for any enquiry.