Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Be Happy

1. Spend time with your loved ones. Even doing nothing with them will make you happy.

2. Do something crazy. Sing and post it on youtube, try bungee jumping or even get a crazy hairdo.

3. Go to a spa. Spoil yourself once in while. Just think about only you for a moment.

4. Have a girls day out (or dudes day out). Or even have a sleepover party. Pillow fight, horror movie, snacks till you can't eat no more.

5. Shopping !!!! But within your budget. Or else you'll be the opposite of happy.

6. Laugh out loud. This really works. Like seriously.

7. Forgive. Everyone makes mistake so just forgive them. Let go of the negative feelings. No grudge. 

8. Have a good rest and sleep well. Get snuggle and comfy with your pillow and blanket.

9. Eat something cute. Cupcakes, cookies, candies, ice cream etc.

10. Give. You'll be happy if you start giving. Whether it's a donation or just a simple gift.

A guy asked me,
"What if I don't want to be happy?
What if I want to be miserable?"
I said, "Be miserable - if that makes you happy. 

Taken from a book I read when I was 16.
'Being A Happy Teenager by Andrew Matthews'.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Her Birthday

She's annoying. She's bossy. But I love her to bits and she's my BFF.
(what an intro)

Izzah's birthday is coming soon. But we celebrated yesterday with our other cousins since all of us are on our semester break. It was just a small gathering but we had so much fun. I miss you people already. 

So of course being the baker I had to make her a birthday cake. And so I did. I made brookies (it's the combination of brownies and cookies). She had been craving for that thing. Perfect time to bake her one.

I made cuppies. And decorated with things that represent her or us. How sweet am I, right ? 

Happy Birthday Izzah !!!! 

OMG ! You're already 21. You're officially old now. 
But sometimes (or most of the time) she acts like a 12 year old.
Maybe I should have put there '12'. Too late.

She loves shopping. She can't stop buying clothes.
She changes her wardrobe like all the time.
But who cares cause I love to go shopping with her. 

She's a dentist-to-be.
So I purposely made the bunny teeth extra big.
As to represents what she's studying.

She is absolutely obsessed with bunnies. 
She used to have rabbits. But now not anymore.
She can even imitates the bunny nose. ;P

Her hands feel naked if she doesn't wear any bracelet.
She loves pretty and girly things.
And she has a charm bracelet with meaningful things.
It's her life.

Also a hint for her to buy me a charm for my birthday this year.

We wear the same kind / style of hijab. 
We shop at the same shop for hijab.
And we love that one brand only.

We love to eat sushi !!!!
Like a lot.
With our other cousin, Malyn too.

Yes. This is so true.
We LOVE you, Izzah.
All of us.

Hope you like the cuppies I made you. 
It was done with love.

The birthday girl with cuppies and balloon.

Want to see something embarrassing ?
I did a bunny mini cake for her birthday last year.
It was so ugly.
But I didn't really know how to work with fondant at that time yet. 

And the funny part is, 
the nose fell off by the time the cake got to her.

So Izzah Izzah stand by me....
ouuhhh stand by me..
Stand..stand by me.


Monday, June 6, 2011

I Love Gold

Cookies for hantaran. A gold wedding theme.
Thanks Siti for ordering these cookies.