Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pick Up Date

'Pick up date and time' is NOT the date you want to eat those yummylicious.

Hello dearies :)

Just to inform you on the 'pick up date'.

Some of you ordered the goodies for a specific date and time but later on inform me to change the pick up time earlier or the day before. Reason was that the fixed date in the beginning was actually the date for the party/celebration.

My orders are limited each week. So I already scheduled my preparation time in advance according to the orders. Changing the pick up date and time last minute, will effect the preparation for other orders.

By rushing me last minute, quality will be affected as well.

Even changing the pick up time just 3 hours earlier than the time agreed, do make a huge difference as I don't have any assistant or a lot of heavy duty equipment / machines to finish the cakes/items faster.

Same goes to 'delivery' method.

Sorry if I offended anyone and thank you so much for your cooperation.

I already updated the 'available pick up dates' at both blog and Sugar & Vanilla's facebook. Do check it out first before ordering :)



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