Saturday, September 10, 2011

Her Special Day

Last Saturday, September 3rd, 2011. My cousin, Nadhirah Sahri went from single to married. I wrote about her engagement here.

So I made wedding cake and cupcakes for that day. Since it was raya, I only had one day to make the cake. From baking to decorating to assemble the cupcake tower. So of course, I didn't really like how it turned out. It was so bare. I wish I had more time to do the flowers. Or even add non edible flowers on the cupcake tower.

Anyway, just enjoy the pictures. I even uploaded pictures of us. Which I seldom do.

The assembled cupcake tower.
Look how bare it is.
Wish I could have put fake flowers between the tiers.
Or maybe some bling-bling.

My family or as we like to call ourselves 'The Sajari' (my late grandfather's name).

 The bride and groom.
Ahaha obviously not.
My beloved Mama and Abah.

(from left : Alia, Hanan, me, Izzah, Malyn)
(the bride and groom : Ali and Ira)
The power of 6+1.
This is my gang yaww. Ok over.
We're the youngest in each family.
 Except for Alia. She and Hanan are sisters.

(from left : KakIman, my sister-KakFaten, my brother-Ngah, Aiman, Izzah, me, Malyn)
Children of PakLong, MakNgah and PakUda.

My gorgeous cousins and sister.


Half of The Sajari.
Not in picture : Ramai. Too lazy to type.
Ok actually not that many. But still lazy to type.

I just realized I didn't have pictures of Ira's family.
They were too busy running here and there.

The beautiful bride and her new hubby.


To Nadhirah Sahri and Muhammad Ali. Congratulations to both of you. I pray for your happiness now and forever. Make cute babies...!! ;) And to Ali, please take a good care of my beautiful cousin. She's special. You're lucky to have her.
Ok tears are coming now. Even though I already cried on your wedding day. It was fine the whole day, but when I finally got to hug and kiss her at the end of the day, I teared up. And I was thinking "tu laa tak spend time banyak-banyak dengan Ira, now Ira dah kahwin, menangis pula". :P

And I'm really sorry about the wedding cake. I know it was so bare. It didn't look that grand like how I imagined it would. At first I wanted to do mini cakes. But just wasn't enough time. I know I'm not suppose to give excuses but just.....uwaaaaaaaaa..! Feel really guilty.

May Allah bless the both of you, always.
Love you, Ira.



amalyna_teja said...

omg, the cake was sweet lar yah!!! plz stop beating yourself about it being bare.. i'm sure ira enjoyed it and that's the only person who really matters, oh and ali too.. hehe.. look on the bright side, u have a lot more wedding cakes u can practice on from our side of the family =)

p/s: fyi to those who didn't get a piece of the cake, it had a really funky interior, blue swirls!!!

Ili Naquiah said...

auww thanks Mal..u made my day..really hope everyone loved it..!

cant wait to practice on your wedding cake..teehee ;p