Sunday, July 10, 2011

She's Getting Married

Next time I'll do the hijab like Hana Tajima style. ;)

Aren't they the cutest ?

We heart Islam !!


I had a fun time decorating these. Muslim brothers in their kufi (kopiah) with colourful shirt and colourful background. And the muslimah cartoon in their pink hijab and small flower brooch with colourful background. Loveeeee it..!!!

My cousin ordered these for her engagement's door gift. I'm really happy that she loved the cuppies.

A little something for my cousin : Can't believe you're a fiancee now ! And you'll be getting married soon. Like really soon. Wow how time flies by so fast. Feels like only yesterday we played hide and seek. And now, you're a wife-to-be. I'm so happy for you darling !!! Can't wait for your wedding day. To see you in your wedding dress. For us cousins to dress up glamorously ;P Eating the 'nasi minyak'. Taking pictures and create a new memory. Can't wait ! eeeeeeeiiikkkkkk (That's how excited I am).



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