Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sakura Cake

Sakura themed wedding cake.
For my cousin's wedding last Saturday.

The biggest cake I made so far. My first 4-tier cake.
The biggest before this was only a 2-tier with a 11 inch for bottom tier.
I was nervous and excited. But I think more to nervous.
Got awesome help from my family. My Abah and brother helped with the cake board (drilling, cutting) and also with the delivery. Along with my sister and cousins. Mama helped with some of the baking.
The whole wedding theme was japanese theme. So of course the cake would be Sakura themed cake.


Different cake flavors for each layer. As requested by my MakUda.
Top tier : Rich fruit cake
Second tier : Sugee cake
Third tier : Brookies
Bottom tier : Double chocolate cake with chips (The groom's favorite)

This is the cake I made for his hantaran during the engagement.

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