Monday, April 29, 2013

Abah's Birthday

A cake I made for my dad's birthday. But we celebrated a few days earlier since we had a small family vacation at Johor.
I have a cousin staying in Johor. He has 4 comel kids which my family and I just adore. So I brought the cake all the way to Johor. Luckily it was not that high of a cake. With my brother's driving and a full decorated cake, the combination just scares me a lot. But Alhamdulillah, the cake arrived in good condition.
Imagine that I had to do the cake as fast as I can on Friday while my dad is at work so he doesn't find out about the cake. And on Saturday morning, had to sneak it in into the car (My siblings drove one car, and my parents drove another car).
I wrote there 'Happy Birthday Tok Joe' instead of 'Abah' is because my nieces and nephews call my dad 'Tok Joe'. And another thing if you're wondering, why the cake is so small against the rule of cake decoration (at least 4 inch high). We only celebrated with the 8 of us. So I don't feel the need to bake another layer.
Happy birthday Abah..!! My prayers are always with you. Thank you so much for everything you had done for me. Thanks for my education, food, clothes, and the list goes on and on. Thanks for supporting me in my business. To always care about me and my future. I love you forever. May Allah bless you always.

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