Saturday, April 6, 2013


Here are all my informations. Or contact list or link.

Made this just because. Will upload it everywhere.

I called this, the no-card business card. Which reminds me that I need to make more business cards. Running low on that.

Do like Sugar and Vanilla's facebook fan page.

And you're here at the blog

The flickr page. Sugar and Vanilla's 'catalogue'.

Instagram. Where I upload pictures almost daily. Almost. And will upload pictures of myself once in awhile. If you don't want to look at those pictures, totally fine with me. Heeee.

Twitter. Just usually write random stuff. But the first place I'll inform if I update anything on the blog or about my upcoming events.

Tumblr. Hmm. Yes. My personal blog. Just made it.

And of course. Do e-mail me for any enquiry. Commenting on blog posts, instagram's photos and facebook's photos are not really a suitable place to enquire about cakes and all. E-mail me for easier confirmation on your orders.

Thank you so much for your supports :))


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