Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ruffles For Hantaran

Hantaran cake for my cousin.
Congrats Aiman on your engagement.
Can't wait for your wedding day next year !!

Fondant ruffles.
A 6 inch chocolate cake.
Green with dark coral.
Loving the color combination.

I feel like buying a top / dress with this color combination of ruffles.

The hantaran.
The size of the cake suits perfectly in the hantaran box.
The colors as well. Totally match with the flowers.

My Mak Uda gave me the hantaran box so that it's easier for me to budget the size
and I can put straight away inside after decorating.
So I do accept if anyone has their own box or plate to put the cakes / cupcakes.
Just make sure to inform me earlier and pass it to me 2-3 days before the pick up date :)

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