Saturday, April 13, 2013


I love fashion. Love seeing all those fashion hijabers out there.
But I'm the type that too conscious to try something new or different. Open my wardrobe and you will see nothing but dark and dull colors. Except for red since that's my favorite color.
Lately I am trying to wear something out of my comfort zone. Trying.
Anyway, since I'm a cake decorator (cookie decorator), I can now design dresses on cookies. Tshirts as well. Using all the pretty colors.
Next project (God knows when), I would love to decorate cookies exactly like designers' dresses. Or maybe a huge cake.

Oh btw, I miss writing entries like how I used to. Like this one. Maybe I'm just too busy with orders so I just upload pictures with short captions. Will squeeze my brain for more fun ideas to write entries.

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