Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hantaran Cake

Cake for a hantaran.
6-inch blue ruffled cake.
Inside is an oreo cake.

The bride is my ex-schoolmate.
She just ordered the cake and let me decide on the design based on my creativity.
Love it when anyone ask me to do as I wish.
Got to explore new design.

At first I thought of only putting the blue fondant pearls at the front view of the cake.
But since this is a hantaran cake, people will look at all angles of the cake. 
That's why I put the pearls all around. So that it won't look so bare.

I'll be 24 this year, and my ex-schoolmates are starting to get engaged or married. The best part is, some of them chose me as their cake decorator either for their engagement ceremony or weddings.
It truly is my pleasure to make something pretty for their special day. 

I'm happy for each and one of them. And to Yani (the bride whom I made this cake for), I wish you all the happiness with your husband. May Allah bless your marriage and your new family. Hugs..!!

Thanks to Leha (the bride's bestfriend since highschool), who sponsored this cake for Yani. Who picked up the cake from my house and brought it over to Yani's. And also thank you for the lovely picture of Yani with the cake. I reposted it on Instagram. 

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