Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mixed Designs Cake

2 tier oreo wedding Cake.
For a friend of mine.
Two weeks before she ordered the hantaran cake.
And this one was for the wedding ceremony at her husband's side.
My idea was to do mixed designs.
Made modern square designs for the background. More like architectural designs.
For the flowers I chose the in thing ruffles design with pearl buds.
And put a little bit of classic, which is the leaves.

Often I see the bride and groom will cut at the back of the cake.
But to put another set of decoration there is not really necessary.
Since the cake will not move from the cutting table on the stage or beside the 'meja pengantin'.
And plus the cost will definitely be more.
(But if you want the design to be all around, do let me know.)
So instead of leaving it bare, I just put a small ribbon at the back.

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