Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hijabers Cookies

My image.

Hijab is my choice.

Hijab covers my head. Not my mind.

I am proud of my Muslimah identity.

Hijab protects me in so many ways.

My hijab is my modesty.

Hijab makes you more beautiful. Inside and out.

We are the sisters of Islam.

These cookies are inspired by all the hijabers out there. Who are brave and proud of their identity.

And this entry is inspired by an online shop, Owhsomuslim. I salute them in their intention of da'wah through art and designs. Totally cute. In love with their cards on a guide to proper hijab for ladies.

Btw, I'm just trying out the 'colour blocking'.
 I don't really dress up in too many colours
like the cookies I made. ;P

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