Sunday, May 27, 2012

Floral Ruffles

This is a dummy cake. Styrofoam inside.

I made this cake to enter a cake decorating competition under Kuali, My Star.
For the first round, we had to make our own cake and send a picture to them. Or many pictures.
I sent a few of my cakes that I did before. Including this 'Floral Ruffles' cake as well.

But sadly, none of my cakes got chosen to be in the final round (a live competition). 
Uwaaaa. Yes yes very sad. 
Buuutttt, on the positive side, this is only the beginning. It was my first time anyway. There's more to come. I need to brush up my skills. Go here and there to learn, explore more and more.
I'm sure there will be other competitions. Even if I only get to win in ten years time, the point is not to give up at all :)

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