Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brown, Gold and Cream

Hantaran cookies.
Again, these were the cookies I displayed at expo.

Why cookies now are the new thing to make as a hantaran instead of a cake or cupcakes ?
I'll tell you why.
Because cookies are dry and individually wrapped. Instead of cupcakes or cakes that use buttercream, very messy if you accidentally touch it.
And also they are very convenient to bring here and there. Let say if you have to travel far and bring the hantaran things. Wouldn't it be easier to bring something dry and small. Same goes for a long distance that you have to travel by air. Just put in paper bag and you're good to go.

But then again, it all depends of what you like. As for me, I would still prefer a cake for a hantaran. Only if I have to travel long distance, cookies are a better choice.

The example of cookies as a hantaran.
Sorry for the bad pictures.

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