Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My First Expo

As I mentioned in my last post, I opened a booth at a wedding expo at The Mall.
It was a good experience. An exposure for me since it was my first time.
Only had a little problem with the organizer. But closing my eyes to that one at the moment.

Met wonderful people. Made new friends. It was really fun. But tiring of course.
Didn't take much pictures. Regret.
For 2 days I was there, the most common thing I heard was "Comel nyaaaa". Oh god blushing. Hikhik.
Of course they didn't mean me. They meant my cakes, cookies.

Enough blabbering. Here are some pictures of the events.
Will upload pictures of each items that I displayed. 
Will try to upload within this week (I think).

When you see it.

My cousin's daughter.

The posters.

On Saturday. Tired faces.

On Sunday. 
We really didn't plan to wear black and red.

Took from my Mr's instagram. 
Thanks so much Eryn, for helping me out two days in a row. 
Will pay you back with a girls day out that will be full of fun..!!!

Ignore the peace sign. Hee.

Last but not least.
Yang turut membantu.

Sooo cute.

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Eireen Pwettay said...

OMG yang black-red tu seriously tak plan kann hahaha awww we're so sweet liddat hahahaha! :D no problem! It was an experience for me too!