Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nephew's Aqiqah (Part 2)

Sugar cookies I made for the candy buffet.
Tadaaa. The candy buffet.
Was done by me and my cousins, Alia and Hanan.

Oreo cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.
Lion and ruffles topper by my cousins.



Ordered from a friend of mine as I don't really have the time to do tarts.
Aaand because I never even try to make one.
I can, but never for sale. Hee.


I made these.

Candies yum yums.

The green ombre..!!
Do take note that I don't offer candy buffet service. However, I can provide the desserts and candies.
Things you can order :
-Cake, cupcakes, jellies, and cookies (by me)
-Cheese tarts, macarons, apam polka dot, marshmallows, jellybeans and biscuits (I will order from my friends with no extra charge)
Candies..? You can just find them at any supermarket or store :)
Would love to do a package on candy buffet's desserts one day. But not that soon. I'm sorry as my available dates might be different than my friends so it's not easy to commit at the moment. 

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