Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PMR Candidate

Theme : Owl and books
Cake flavour : Vanilla with butterscotch chips
Cake size : 6 x 8 inch (big book) 4 x 6 inch
Ordered by : Aunty Juliana for her daughter's birthday. 
A birthday cake for a 15 year old.
Her birthday was on the first day of PMR (if I'm not mistaken).


The sleepy owl wearing graduation hat.
Maybe can't really see the hat in this picture.
Scroll below to see top view of the cake.


Two books - Sejarah and Kemahiran Hidup.
A sleepy owl with graduation hat.
An apple with worm (book worm).
A note.
Mathematical symbols.


Thank you so much Aunty Jualiana for ordering this cake for your daughter. Hope she did well on her PMR.
Love that I got a chance to try this design. Thank you for your trust. Had sooo much fun making this cake with all the cute decorations.


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