Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Charms

I made these cupcakes for my birthday. (3rd August, yea I know it's like 3 months ago)
I have a charm bracelet and so I decorated the cupcakes based on that.
I didn't do exactly like the charms. Same thing but not the same colour since most of the charms are silver. But still lots of red.


Teddy bear
(The charm actually in silver, but it will look so dull if I make it in silver)


(The charm is actually a butterfly. But it represents my first business logo, hence the cupcake in the middle)


(It's supposed to be a full body doll, but I think it's cuter this way)

The no. 21




Love / Heart shape
(It's actually diamonds, but I love red so......)

I explained the meaning of charms at my other blog. Because I just prefer to 'bebel' there more.
If anyone wants to order cupcakes / cake / cookies based on your charm bracelet, do give me pictures of the bracelet. I can even do the bracelet chain. I didn't do the chain for mine as I didn't have much free time.
I really loooove to do different themes/designs in one box of cupcakes. Like that day someone ordered a box of cupcakes with dota logo, cute cat, balloons, etc (Will update the pictures later). The designs can be super contrast but they're meaningful.

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