Monday, November 11, 2013

Cupcakes For Boys?

It's very frustrating that I can't find a single baby boy's romper with a cupcake design on it. Cupcakes, cakes, lollipop designs are only on baby girl's rompers? Why? Men eat cupcakes too. Especially little boys. So why can't a clothing line design a romper with a cupcake on it. Make it manly colours. Black, blue, brown.
Hehehe this is just from a frustrated aunt who wants to buy a romper with a cute cupcake on it for her nephew. I'm very sure that there must be at least a brand with this design, but I just couldn't find it anywhere. Not sure where to do custom made for a baby romper.
So I did what I do best. Decorate a cupcake design on a baby romper and t-shirt shaped cookies. 

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