Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do Not Accept

Being a cake decorator doesn't mean I can do all designs as I only started to decorate about 3 years ago. I know some of you had already asked me to do certain designs, and I rejected the order. Simply because I'm afraid of not giving you a great cake. I prefer to be honest and reject the order, rather than I accept and give you an ugly looking cake :p
My expertise is not on cake carving, fondant figure that looks exactly like a person, and sugar flowers. Maybe I can just make the simple ones.
I am slowly learning to be better. InsyaAllah, will learn more on sugar flowers, will practice more on making fondant figurines and cake carving.
However, there are some designs that I can make but I just refuse to. This theme covers almost all the designs which is 'naughty and sexy' theme. I won't make any design base on this theme. I'm really sorry as some had already asked me to do this design. But I had no choice but to reject even if I had the time to do and even if the designs are easy to make. I have already consulted with my family and they too advised me not to accept these kind of orders.
Another design that I will reject is any harsh/rude words to be put on the cake. Definitely no swearing. No one has asked me yet. But I've seen cakes on the internet with bad words written on it.
So I'm just going to make it clear before anyone wants to order these kind of words on the cakes.
I know it may be a joke and just for the fun of it, but still I won't accept naughty/sexy theme or if the message on the cake has a bad word in it. My apologies for the inconvenience.

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