Monday, January 28, 2013

Beautiful Wedding

6 inch, full fondant hantaran cake. Teal theme color.
My Mama's friend's daughter ordered this for her hantaran nikah.
She also ordered a cake and cookies from me months back for her engagement hantaran. This was the cake.
And for this week, I'll be making another full fondant cake for her bertandang to the groom's side. Can't wait for that.
Had so much fun making the cookies and cakes for her. And everytime, she's very happy with how they turned out. Such a lovely sister.
She emailed me this :
"Ok, thnks ili:)
Btw, cn i js say i really love ur cake designs. Looking at ur flickr page- i think u r really talented:)
Looking forward to see the cake nanti. Thnks again:)"

Melted. Thank you sooo much KakZura for choosing me as your baker for both engagement and hantaran. And also for all your kind words. Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you a wonderful life together :)






This cake is similar to a cake that I did back in 2010.
But which one is nicer ?

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