Friday, January 11, 2013

Her Birthday

Eireen Camelia.
Turned 22 on 5th January 2013
Old already..!!

She's an Acca student.
An accountant to be. But maybe just for the title. Cause I know one day she'll be a businesswoman and a freaking good one.

We love to go to spa together to have our facial or get a head and shoulder massage.
Spa to us is more like celebrating birthdays or special occasions like me stressing out..!!

Boxing glove.
UFC. (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
Her tv show obsession.
And among all the cupcakes, this one's her favorite.

Our favorite sport.
I wanted to do fondant figure where the girl is doing a freestyle stroke.
But then, that would be a lie since we both always grab a swimming board, float in the middle of the pool and just chat and chat and chat.
We both can really do laps but just somehow, we can only do about 1/4 lap if go swimming together.

Paper with lace.
This is a symbol for her latest creation/business.
She's trying out to do handmade paperbags.
Her first project was when she did a paperbag using only A4 size paper and drew laces on them. It was so pretty.

She looooveesss cakes..!! And doughnuts. And pavlova. And you name it.
So we have our thing where we try different types of desserts from different places.
We can make reviews about what we eat. Cause we eat a lot. Like really a lot. But she stays skinny while I.......
So far she never says bad things about desserts I made. (Tak berani la tu. Ahahahaha)

Our favorite food as well.
She loves Chuka Iidako (baby octupus/cumi) and I love salmon.

Nasi kandar.
Us : "Nasi separuh, ayam goreng, kuah campur, kuah madu lebih"
Worker : "Teh ais dua?"
Us : "Ye dua"
Our usual conversation with the mamak at Hakim Seksyen 7, Shah Alam.
We used to go there all the time when I was still studying at Uitm. We still go there now but not as much as before because our new passion towards buttered prawns.

I'm hot chocolate. She's cappuccino.
Chatting over hot choc and good desserts is always awesome.

She's one of the people I love to bully to be my model.

This makcik up here is truly a bestfriend. Keep on supporting me nonstop. Not even once she underestimates me. Been helping me with my shopping at bakery, packing cookies and cupcakes, helping me at bazaars, and sooooo much more.

Happy birthday, freak..!! Praying for your happiness, studies, future business and moga dapat boyfriend / suami cepat. Oh ya she's single btw. E-mail me at and send me your resume. Ahahahahah. Ok she's going to kill me now.

Hope you like the cupcakes and I suggest we make a new year resolution. Swim 10 laps at least 3 times a week. Only a cup of latte per month. Slow down on the cakes. Ahahahahahah as if.


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Eireen said...

Awhhhh terharu sangat!!!!!!!! Okay ekceli that '!' sign nak buat sampai seratus kali but here i nak comment tenang2 aje. Lol. Ha nampak lol i pun tenang. Hahahaha!

Thanks for the cuppies i gila2 amazed and rasa special uknwwww haha. My mom cam "Ya Allah sudah2 la tu belek cupcakes tu" hahahah! Plus, ur desserts to me xda yg fail. If ada pun i yg tak sedar
sbb sedap je i makan!

Again, thanks minah and luvyatoooo!!

P/s: part swimming 10 laps and coffee per month, we can do it... Right? Lol!