Monday, February 14, 2011

Give A Clap To My 1st Wedding Cake

My first wedding cake was for my cousin. I did a single tier with big flowers. Huge..!

The original plan was two tier cake with fondant drapping and glittered flowers. But I was admitted in the hospital with Mama (katil sebelah-sebelah.) for dengue fever (bad nyamuk bad !!) a week before the wedding. So sad that I was admitted but even sadder I had to change the design.

I baked and decorated the cake only a day before the wedding. It turned out simple but yet I'm still proud of myself.

My cousin brother with his new wife.

Eeeeeikk the cake looks so small !!

Sorry to my cousins yang dah kahwin awal-awal. Tak dapat nak bagi cake as a wedding gift. Time dulu tak reti lagi nak decorate cake. Minat muncul lambat. ;p


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