Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say Bye-bye To Buttercream

"No more buttercream. No more pastel colors. Weird looking"

That's how Malyn descibed cakes nowadays after she saw the cake I made for her mummy's birthday. My Mak Uda.

It's true. Now the in thing is full fondant mini cake with whimsical designs. And striking colors...yeahhh !!

Happy Birthday, Mak Uda !!

Mak Uda : "Thank you for the lovely lovely lovely cake"
I am not exaggerating. Mak Uda did say 'lovely' three times.
Melted and proud.

Just want to show you the size.

Izzah : "Yah, kalau terjatuh nasib la ek"
Yayah :  T____T

               Family and close friends call me Yayah.
Except for Mama, my sister, and brother. They call me Naqiah.
And my Mr. calls me Ili.
Others just call me Ili.

Hai, my name is Ili Naquiah Johari. You can call me Ili, Yayah or Naqiah.


leclatante said...

Oh dear lord, such a lovely cake!!!!! Would love to order anytime soon.. Wow..

Look gorgeous like a ROYALTY with PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL only RM 90+ a month!

Ili Naquiah said...

leclatante : thank u so much..! ;)