Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Love

Happy birthday, boyfriend !
Love you always. 

Happy birthday, Abdul Rahman !! 

You turned 22 on 2nd December 2011.
You're just as old as I am now.

This is one of his lives. 
Since he majors in Multimedia, a computer is a symbol of that.
And also that he spends most of the time playing games on the computer.

Can you guess what this is ?
A bowl of cendol !!
His all-time favorite food.
Can't live without.

A rugby player.
One of the reasons why I fell in love with him when we were 15 year old.

We both just love ice-cream.
Especially ice-cream RM1-in-a-cone-from-pakcik-bawa-motor.

He's a Manchester United fan.
Go Man U Go !!!
I only support them because he supports them.


Lomo camera


He has a huge passion in photography and filming. 
Both DSLR and Lomography. 
And he's very very good at editing. I'm so proud of him.
(sorry if both cameras don't look like camera)

He bought me a huge teddy bear for my birthday this year.
And I gave him one too for his birthday this year.

He gave me a charm for my bracelet. 
And it's a teddy bear with a heart shape in the middle.
Just like this.

I don't think I need to explain what this means.
Ok I will.
I love him deeply.

I hope he really loves my gift to him.

On his birthday I did something silly but fun. 
I pasted post-it note all over in my car with sweet messages.
So when he entered the car, he was surprised and speechless.

Cheesy much ?
Cheap much ?
I don't care as long as he was happy.
By the way, the notes above are less than half of what I did. There were more.
Maybe it's not much effort I put in, but I did the best I can to make a surprise birthday for him.
And all that was priceless.

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