Wednesday, July 3, 2013

It's Her Birthday (Part 2)

Part 1 was two years ago when she turned 21.
Made this cake as a surprise to my cousin, Izzah. She wanted to make a birthday party but then changed her mind as she was busy. I was supposed to make a candy buffet if the party was on. That's how I decided to design the cake like a dessert buffet style.
Theme : Party and dessert buffet
Cake flavour : Vanilla with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips
Size : 6 inch (diameter), 5 inch (height)

The party cake.
4 sides of the cake as to represent a birthday party and a candy buffet.

Cake banner with her name and her age on a cake flag.

The candy buffet with no candy.
Kind of like a tea party.

What is a party without balloons.
Confetti all around.
The 'happy birthday' banner.

Her two cats.
Caramel and Crème brulee.
With the birthday cake.

Top view.
She wanted a garden theme birthday party.
So I put flowers at the cake board.
What I thought of making this cake.
A small cake on a cake decorated with a cake on the side.

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