Saturday, June 29, 2013

Harry Potter

Theme : Harry Potter !!
Cake flavour : Rainbow
Size : 8 inch + mini cake

Ordered by Ayesha Syahira from the famous Al Hijab Sisters. She ordered for her little sister's birthday who is a huge fan of Harry Potter.
So am I. I was super excited to do the Harry Potter's theme cake.

The cake.
Front view:
The Golden Snitch, coated with edible gold..!!
Harry's scar.
Harry's glasses.

Sorting Hat.
Inside is a mini cake.
So it's not all fondant.

Nimbus 2000, broomstick.


Harry's wand and Gryffindor's scarf.

Top view..!!

Alhamdulillah. Both Ayesha and her sister, Hanis loved the cake and the decorations..!! 

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