Sunday, June 9, 2013


Vintage styled cake.
Only 6 inch and 5 inch for the top tier.
Fully covered with gold dust. Elegant.
Topped with bride and groom figurines.
Vanilla cake.
Ordered by my ex-highschool friend, Fara Elisa.
For her parents' anniversary.
She said she was torturing me to do this design.
But the truth, I had so much fun making it.
Yea, it was not my kind of style to decorate.
If you notice, the flowers are just fondant deco that look like flowers.
Not replica of any real flowers. Hehe.
Struggled a bit with this design but I'm just so happy that I tried.
Pictures before I put the figurines.



The figurines.
I think I'm slowly stepping out of my comfort zone from my usual designs. Thanks to my friend, Fara.
She went to support me last year when I opened up a booth at a bazaar. And then, she ordered this cake and posted on her Instagram. Such a great friend she is. Thank you so much for your supports, Fara. Truly appreciate it, xoxo.

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Eireen said...

OMG perlu keee figurines tu cute gila?! Cantiiikkkkk