Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spring Desserts

Garden / spring themed cupcakes.
Inside is rainbow cake.
Ordered by Aunty Juliana for her daughter's birthday.
The cake was supposed to have a rainbow decoration standing vertically on the cake.
But when I took the picture, the rainbow wasn't really dry yet, so I was afraid to put it.
As well as for the grass on top of the cake, yea I know it's kind of bare.
I actually put small blossom flowers on that like the cupcakes below,
but then again, only after I took the pictures.
Loving every moment making this cake.
It was just so fun and colourful.
My family loved it as well.
But more importantly, Aunty Juliana said that her family loved it too.
Made different flowers all around.
That explains the pictures of all angles.
And also explains the white thingy below the cake. (Turn table)

(kat belakang pun nak design cantik-cantik sebab theme ni memang sangat comel)

The cookies

Sarah is 6
The cupcakes


Each one with a cute lil ladybird.

1 comment:

suasana said...

Love the cakes and cookies so much...Alhamdulilah. Tq Ili.
p.s: Still keep one of those cookies...
Aunty Juliana