Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Brother's Wedding (Part 4)

Finally, the wedding cake. Here's the story. After assembling the cake at the venue hall, I totally forgot to take a picture of it. I regret till this day. How can you worked really hard on something for a week and then you just totally forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe in my head I was depending on the photographer.
Ok moving on, I did take pictures of some of the cakes at home. Only the small ones. It was a Sakura themed as both my brother and his wife studied in Japan. I know Sakura is pink but I changed it to match the theme color.


Photos below credit to Ahmad Fairus.
(But they're all original pictures. No editing.)

My brother and his wife, Kak Jiha.

The top cake is a 10-inch cake.
Followed by four 6-inch cakes, middle tier.
And four 7-inch cakes bottom tier.
And yet it looked so small on stage. :P
Captured using my mobile phone.
One day of making the flowers. One and a half day of baking. One day of covering and putting everything together. 9 cakes all together with each different flavor (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, oreo, checkered, marble, you name it).
My wedding gift to my one and only brother. I need to go to a spa and get a head and shoulder massage. Hint hint.
Dear Ngah, hope you and Kak Jiha loved the wedding cake and the wedding overall. Banyak Yayah DIY ok !! Wish you all the best for your marriage. Now that we gained a new sister, instead of 2 against 1, now it's 3 against 1. Muahahaha. I want lots and lots of cute nephews and nieces, thank you. I love you and will always pray for your happiness.

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