Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Facebook Fever

Sugar & Vanilla Bakery now has a facebook page.
Do click the 'like' button.
Really appreciate if you do and thank you so much for all your supports.
For those who want to see prices of my goodies,
go ahead and check out my flickr.
It's sort of like my catalogue.
There you will see how the prices of each item.
The prices are according to the price I was selling to the customer.
Therefore, the prices are different as all are customized with different designs, sizes and types.
For example : The picture may not show the cake inside, but two cakes with same designs but different type of cakes (one is a rainbow cake and the other one is normal vanilla cake),
then of course the prices of the cakes are different.
At each picture, there is description of the size and type for each cake or cookie.
Write to me about anything.
Would love to know more about you.
And also sometimes I just bake cakes or cookies and sell straight away.
Usually I'll promote at twitter first.
Being the baker and decorator that I am,
I love to take pictures of progress the things I do.
So do follow me at Instagram.
Username : IliNaquiah
Feel free to e-mail me for enquiries.
Or now you can just send a message at my facebook page.
Thank you again for your support.
XOXO from me.

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