Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once A Year

Does being 22 consider as old ?
Don't think so. Too many things I haven't explore yet.

Things I've learnt so far in my life :

1. Life doesn't go according to plan is interesting. 
It really does. Trust me. If things doesn't go your way, just make lemonade.

2. Family is a friendship that can never end.
They will always be there for you no matter what.

3. You can be whatever you want as long as you're sincere.
People will always judge you. Just ignore and be you.

4. The power of drinking lots of plain water.
I never really care about this until I tried myself. ;P

5. Quit once, doesn't mean you're a quitter forever.
You quit on one thing, doesn't mean you'll quit on the next thing you try.

6. A good jealousy will make you better.
No point of being jealous of other people's goodness/wealth 
if you don't make an effort to be better than them.

7. Appreciate gifts from other people is everything.
Even if it's a small/cheap thing, just appreciate. 
It means the world to your loved ones. And also to you.

8. Never regret the things you've done.
The best is to regret the things you didn't do.

9. You can never predict a hypocrite.
Seriously you can't. Even if they are someone close to you

10. People always see the bad side of you instead of the good side.
Just think of the good things you've done in your life.

Conversation with Mama :
Me, "It's my birthday!!! yeaayyy."
Mama, "So what have you achieved for the past 22 years ?"
Me, "A lot."
Mama, "But what haven't you achieve ?"
Me, "A lot."
Mama, "So you have to see things both ways."

So what did I get, no birthday wish from Mama. Hehe joking. It's true what she said. There's more to life. More things I need to see, learn and explore. To make more mistakes and fix them. And of course I need to achieve lots of things before I turn old. ;P

My first birthday during Ramadhan. Can't have our birthday-with-family-dinner-at-an-expensive-thai-food-restaurant like usual. But I'm just grateful to still get a chance and eat homemade cooking with my family.

I love you, Abah. Thank you so much for that extra wonderful gift. Even though Mama said it's not really mine, but I would still consider it's mine. Evil me. I love you too, Mama.

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