Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Free Time

Lately I couldn't sleep. Maybe because they are too many scary commercials on the television. I'm a coward and proud to be one. Only when it comes to scary movies or drama. =)
So to make me stop thinking of nonsense things like the scary movies, I read all the blogs that I love before I went to bed. I have the laptop next to me. Unhealthy. But that's the only way.

And today I feel like listing down the blogs / websites I love to read (as an excuse of not having any idea what to write anymore)

My inspirations :

-Bakerella (Every baker and cake decorator's idol)
-Anita Jamal (The best ever !!)
-Cookie Crazie (I wish I can decorate using glazed icing like her)
-Cakespy (Drawings + Recipes = Awesome)
-Haniela's (Just love everything about her blog)
-Mutlu Dukkan (She has the cutest designs in cookie decorations!!)
-Glorious Treats (Love to see her recipes)
-GeminiRJ and Sugar by Kim (Their flickr. But I love to see their creations. Totally cute)
-Cake Boss (Every Wednesday at 7pm I would be glued to the television watching his reality show. Love the drama. And oh, his cake creations too.)

My cupcakes :

-Amalyna (My cousin. She's into photography. Love her talent. Digital and lomography !! Did a photoshoot with her once. Will upload later)
-Eireen (My bestfriend. But lately she's so lazy to update her blog)
-Kak Farah (My other cousin. She's a photographer. An awesome one. Totally gempak. *hint hint* =) And now she updates her blog with cartoons that she did herself. Too cute I tell you. TOO CUTE)
-Kak Mar (My other cousin too)

Pretty ladies :
(Love to see pretty ladies wearing hijab with sense of fashion. Just like me.......The 'wearing hijab' part, not the 'pretty ladies' part.)

-Maria Elena
-Fatin Liyana
-Fatin Suhana
-Stylish Muslimah
-Adriani A
-Shahirah Elaiza
-Nazneen Najib

Photography blog :
 (I'm kind of into photography even though I only own a G9 Canon camera. Good enough la)

-Annas Easkey (In future, I will definitely want to do a photoshoot with him. For my cake thingy. Not me. I'm not a model. Hire other models to snap-snap with my cakes ! Ok berangan.)
-Aimanness Photography (Totally love her portrait shots.)
-My mr. (heeeeee.)

Others :

-Wedding Station (Wedding planner)
-Old Blossom Box (Waiting for Malyn to go to this shop together. Even though it's like 10 minutes from my home, but I love shopping with my cousins.)
-Arefen Zaidin
-Hanis Zalikha (Influenced by Eryn)
-Fashion Shawls
-Happyslip (Love her videos)

Now I'm looking for more interesting blogs to read. And I'm really obsessed to search blogs that sell hijabs / shawls. The shopaholic side of me is controlling me now !!!

By listing all these feels like I'm turning this blog into my personal blog. No no no. Still a cake decoration blog. I just got bored after full day of baking.
Tomorrow I have cookies to decorate. And the next day, cupcakes to decorate. And a week from now, 500 cupcakes to bake and decorate !! A crazy month.

Sometimes when I'm really scared, I switch on to disney channel to help me to go to sleep.
 (The only channel that don't have scary commercials.)
I'm really honest.



Eireen Camelia said...

A proud coward huh? Sumpah i speechless baca! Confession macam tu pun ada keeee hahahahah!

Ili Naquiah said...

Hidup kena jujur la makcik..!! ahahahahahaha..