Monday, March 14, 2011

Ice-cream Crazy


Sometimes when the weather is so hot (or not nessecary), I'll be craving for one thing.................

                  ICE-CREAM !!!

I don't care if it's baskin robin or haagen dazs or cornetto or ice-cream potong or even RM1 ice-cream in a cone (like the pakcik who rides a motorbike near the playground selling ice-cream).

The images of  ice-creams will be flying around in my mind.

The thought of 'swirl strawberry flavored ice-cream with sprinkles' will just drive me crazy.

And the thought of 'double scope of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with the cherry on top' will make me cry to my mom and be all tantrum asking for an ice-cream.

Not to mention 'strawberry and vanilla ice-cream with hot fudge dripping on the ice cream with a little bit of sprinkles' will make me scream my heart out. Go insane by just thinking of it.

So go grab a sundae now. Or a banana split. Or just a scope in a cone. Or a cookie.

Are you with me?  Yeah lets eat some ice-cream....!!

Speaking of ice-cream. It reminds me of a song sang by Marykate and Ashley.
And that song reminds me of my cousins and I when we were little.We listened to it many times and we even danced to the song (Izzah sedih her dad baru buang all her You're Invited to Marykate and Ashley's collection. ) 

I have a confession to make. I still remember the dance and I just danced to this song like 5 minutes ago. (Ok pretend like you didn't read this line.)

They were so cute, right ?



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