Monday, August 19, 2013

From Vanilla to Everything

Vanilla butter cake is the best for decorated cakes. Best in terms of both taste and texture. But often customers just ordered plain or rainbow cake. Here are the choices (besides rainbow and plain) you can choose for decorated cakes.

Can choose any colour. Different shades for just one colour.

Layered colours.
Can choose two or three colours to be layered.
Even more up to six colours/layers. But do stated the exact colours that you wish :)

Can choose two or three colours.
Or vanilla and chocolate checkered cake.

Can choose two, three, or four colours.
Or vanilla and chocolate marble cake.
Those are choices for only vanilla butter cake.
Other cakes that are suitable for decorated cakes :
-Chocolate butter cake (not moist)
-Fruit cake
-Vanilla with chocolate chips

Do email for quotation of the cakes.

InsyaAllah, will try to add more choices from time to time.
Thank you for supporting Sugar & Vanilla.

Decided to update my Menu page at the top of the blog (Under header).
I updated flavours for cakes, cupcakes, jellies, and continental cakes.
Do check it out..!!

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